Mid Century Modern Rugs

A rug is often the piece that brings an entire room together, so finding the perfect design is critical.

Whether you’ve already been integrating mid century modern styles into your space or are just looking for the perfect pattern to compliment a variety of styles, any of these designs from our Nuevo or Deco collections could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.


The first thing you’ll notice about these designs is the color palette. Mid century modern often utilizes soft, unassuming colors with bold accents. The creams and browns are subtle nods to the wood and vinyl materials that were popular in that time period – but reds, blacks, and yellows give these rugs pops of color to catch the eye and add interest.


Another feature to take note of in mid century modern designs is the linework. Because clean lines play such an important role in these styles, you’ll notice that nearly every design features those straight lines, but many also incorporate curved lines as well. The magic of the curved lines is that although they aren’t the uniform patterns you might expect, they still feel cohesive and orderly.


Our Nuevo collection is brought together by geometric shapes and neutral colors. In typical mid century modern fashion, these area rugs primarily feature neutral hues such as creamy ivory, soft brown, and varying shades of gray. With different combinations of clean lines and controlled curves, Nuevo rugs add excitement without looking out of place.

The Deco collection takes those same mid century modern ideas and adds an artistic element. While straight lines and geometry are still present in these designs, you’ll notice more freehanded curves and asymmetrical shapes. Those ivories and browns are also joined by bold reds and yellows to accent the design. If your space tends to lean more towards bright colors – or if you need something new to make your room pop – a Deco area rug might just be for you.